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    Kinghan is one of the top chemical manufacturers and distributors in China and has developed multinational business relationships in Asia, Europe, and North America since its formation in 2000. We started with the goal of providing high quality API, Fine Chemicals, Intermediates and New Molecules as well as services for sourcing, technological support, delivery and customer service.
    We focus on intermediates, APIs and contract synthesize. We always have about 50 kinds of products in stock. We can supply over 500 kinds of product including Indanone Derivatives, Pyridine Derivatives, Piperidine Derivatives, Pyrimidine Derivatives, Naphthalene Derivatives, Fluorobenzene Derivatives and Iodobenzene Derivatives. We specialize in 20 kinds of Cell reaction like diazoniation Reactions, Fluoridation Reactions, Friedel—Crafts Reactions, Cyclization Reactions, Ammoniation Reactions, hydrogenation, Etc.. Our equipment can meet the reaction of -78—300oC, -0.09Pa—20MPa. Welcome to inquiry.

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